Spiritual Counselling

We live in such a hectic and turbulent world and so many people are living with huge stress in their physical, emotional and mental lives. Emotional and mental problems that are not dealt with eventually manifest themselves as physical problems.

Many of the dreaded diseases like cancer, aids etc. are often caused by anger that is not dealt with correctly and released.

When we add a little stress to the mix, it is like a time bomb waiting to detonate.

Everyone is so busy that very often people don’t have time or notice that their family and friends are having emotional problems that are not being dealt with.

Sometimes, people just feel that they have no one to talk to and confide in. That is where Spiritual Counselling can help.

Clients often start with an Angel Reading, which gives them some direction and is often in itself a counselling session.

Sessions are done in an empathic, non-judgmental way and always in the strictest confidence.

Margi is an experienced, qualified Spiritual Counsellor who did her training at RAU.

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