Spiritual Counselling & Angel Card Readings

Margi is a very experienced Counsellor and is available for Angel Readings and Counselling sessions.  You have a choice of a 40-minute session or an hour’s session.

If you are confused and need clarity and guidance as you stand at the crossroads unsure of which way to turn, an Angel Reading which is done using beautiful Angel Cards, would greatly assist you. The messages from the Angels are always positive and uplifting and filled with encouragement to enable you to change things in your life.

So many are facing challenging issues and are stressed or depressed especially with what is going on around the world at this moment in time. People are battling with relationships that are being highlighted now as the changes on Planet Earth are happening.

Margi also offers couple counselling to assist you to strengthen and heal your relationship.

Financially many have lost everything because of lockdown and the way things have changed with the Corona Virus, so their security has been threatened.

Many souls are crossing at this moment in time and so many are finding the grieving process very painful and often not sure of how they should grieve.

a Spiritual Counselling session will give you tools to handle what is happening in your life and assist you to move out of a depressed state enabling you to live as the Amazing Being you truly are!

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