Margi McAlpine

Margi is an experienced Spiritual Master Teacher with a passion for Angels and Ascension.  She is also a Workshop Facilitator, Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Reiki Master and Egyptian Healing Practitioner.




Guided Visualizations

Margi is delighted to announce that she now has a selection of downloadable,

guided visualizations for sale. 

These visualizations have all been written and recorded by Margi.

These Visualizations are a wonderful way to empower yourself and your life. 

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Margi will be on Facebook live Thursdays at 18h30 (South African Time) on her Angel Connection Page. Just go onto the Angel Connection page and you will be able to watch and join in.

If you have any spritual questions you would like her to answer, please join the live session on Monday and type your questions in the comment box once Margi is live

Look forward to you joining in!


Full Moon Celebration in Knysna

On Tuesday 16th September, Margi will facilitate a Full Moon celebration which will include the crystal singing bowls and drumming as well as meditation.

If you have a set of drums, please bring them with you.  It is going to be very special.

A donation of R50.00 towards expenses would be appreciated.

Time:  17h00 – 18h00

Venue:  The Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield, Rheenedal, Knysna.

Ongoing Workshops in Knysna, George and Mossel Bay

The workshops in Knysna are held every Wednesday from 10h00 and once a month in George and Mossel Bay.


These ongoing workshops are very special and will certainly kick start and enhance your own self-development.   

Contact Margi on 082 563 7422 or email for more information.




2nd and 9th October

Mindfulness is something that everyone should be practising and bringing into their lives.

We can no longer do things unconsciously just hoping that everything will be as it should.

It is important now that we are living a Conscious life so that we are in control of what we are manifesting and creating. 



HO’OPONOPONO (Part one) 11th September

HO’OPONOPONO (Part two) 18th September

Margi of Angel Connection is delighted to be presenting these powerful workshops online. As we move into the new Golden Era it is imperative that we live in total unconditional love which cannot be achieved without total forgiveness. You will be shown how to achieve this in a simple but very powerful way so that you are free to move forward on your Divine Life path as the Amazing Being that you truly are!

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Online Workshop – Pendulum Essentuals – Module One (beginners to intermediate)

The pendulum has been used over the centuries to answer questions, obtain medical diagnoses, find lost articles and many other uses. It is absolutely essential to use your pendulum correctly and Margi will teach you how to do this during this workshop.

It is essential that you have a Pendulum with you for the workshop. If you do not have one you can use a piece of cotton and a paper clip

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What is meant by living in the light?

As we become connected to our spirituality, we start to live in the light…..



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How important is the spiritual awakening of Africa?

Africa is a very special place to be living in right now.  As lightworkers, we have chosen to incarnate here at this specific time, because there is so much work to be done….

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Healing bowl in the Etheric.

I get numerous requests for healing and in order to help as many people as possible, I requested the Angels help and was given a beautiful gold healing bowl in the etheric…


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