Margi McAlpine

Margi is an experienced Spiritual Master Teacher with a passion for Angels and Ascension.  She is also a Workshop Facilitator, Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Reiki Master and Egyptian Healing Practitioner.




Guided Visualizations

Margi is delighted to announce that she now has a selection of downloadable,

guided visualizations for sale. 

These visualizations have all been written and recorded by Margi.

These Visualizations are a wonderful way to empower yourself and your life. 

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Full Moon Celebration in Knysna

On Saturday 18th May, Margi will facilitate a Full Moon celebration which will include the crystal singing bowls and drumming as well as meditation.

If you have a set of drums, please bring them with you.  It is going to be very special.

A donation of R50.00 towards expenses would be appreciated.

Time:  16h30 – 17h30

Venue:  The Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield, Rheenedal, Knysna.

Ongoing Workshops in Knysna, George and Mossel Bay

The workshops in Knysna are held every Wednesday from 10h00 and once a month in George and Mossel Bay.


These ongoing workshops are very special and will certainly kick start and enhance your own self-development.   

Contact Margi on 082 563 7422 or email for more information.


Special Women’s Workshop and Retreat Weekend (Knysna).

10th – 12th May 2019 

This will be a weekend of healing, strengthening, pampering, nurturing and unconditional love.

Women always give all their energy to others and now it is time for them to nurture, replenish and treat themselves during this amazing workshop!

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Free Online Workshop

This is your opportunity to learn about Angels and how to make them part of your life.

The basic introduction to Angels workshop will include: What are Angels.  Connecting to Angels. Angels to assist us, Animal Angels and how to work with Angels and use them everyday.

For more information and to find out about other Angel Workshops, click the button below.

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The Spiritual Laws of Abundance With Archangel Raphael Workshop,  2nd June in Knysna 

So many live in poverty consciousness which affects every area of their lives.  They will complain about how nothing ever works for them and that they never have enough money, good relationships or robust health, not understanding that in actual fact they are in control of this and are actually creating these negative scenarios themselves. 

 It is your natural birthright to flow with abundance which is what Source divined for you yet you are allowing your consciousness and attitude to derail this.

At this workshop, Margi of Angel Connection will help you to understand the concept of abundance and how to awaken and implement this.  She will share her vast experience with you and give you the tools to change yourself and your life and assist you to resolve this.   This workshop will enable you to live the life you were meant to live as the amazing and special being that you truly are – filled with abundance!


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The Fear Factor with Archangel Uriel

Durban 8th June

Fear takes you into a space where you feel you have no control over anything and hands your personal power over to those that are making you feel fearful or the situations that are filling you with anxiety.

Fear is the most destructive and debilitating of emotions.

It makes you feel as though you are helpless and cannot stand in your power and that you are not worth anything as you are crushed by the overwhelming fear and sadness that you experience…..

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What is meant by living in the light?

As we become connected to our spirituality, we start to live in the light…..



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How important is the spiritual awakening of Africa?

Africa is a very special place to be living in right now.  As lightworkers, we have chosen to incarnate here at this specific time, because there is so much work to be done….

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Healing bowl in the Etheric.

I get numerous requests for healing and in order to help as many people as possible, I requested the Angels help and was given a beautiful gold healing bowl in the etheric…


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