I am excited to resume the online workshops that I am facilitating on Wednesday mornings. I am excited about presenting new topics to help you expand and enrich your knowledge.  They are proving so popular and I am delighted to say that the feedback is so positive and wonderful and that everyone is enjoying and benefiting from them

Remember that each workshop is designed to give you tools to deal with what is happening around us every day!

If you have missed any of them during this past year, you can go onto my website www.angelconnection.co.za  and can download them to your phone or computer and still enjoy the workshop and the visualization. On the home page right at the top you will find a tab that says Visualizations and Workshops. Click on this and another tab will drop down and then click on audio recordings. In this way you will still get the full benefit of it even if you were not able to attend it!

Dates to be announced shortly

Remember, every session is a stand-alone module, so you don’t have to do all of them if you are not able to.

Do hope you will join us and take advantage of these empowering workshops!

Some of you have already booked and received the Confirmation Letter with Zoom link which will apply to all of these workshops

If you do not have banking details, please contact me and I will send you a booking form.

Email: margi@angelconnectionschool.co.za