The Ascended Master St Germaine, Golden, Silver, Violet Flame & The Magic of Transmutation


St Germaine is an incredibly special and revered Master who is very connected to Lord Merlin and Archangel Zadkiel who teach us and assist us to bring in the magic of transmutation and forgiveness.  During this workshop, Margi of Angel Connection will enable you to meet and work with St Germaine and understand how vital it is for us to realise the power of the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame of Transmutation. She shares her vast experience with you and empowers and enlightens you by giving you the tools to change yourself and your life to assist your Ascension process and the Ascension of the Planet.  She also facilitates a powerful visualisation bringing in St Germaine. This will lift your vibration and remove any blockages that are holding you back from living your life the way you were intended to live it!