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Full Moon Visualisation November 2020

Sending healing into the world with Archangel Raphael

By Helena McLeod

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax and become aware of your breathing. Allow your breathing to become deeper and slower. Imagine beautiful tiny golden roots leaving the soles of your feet and burrowing deep into the powerful soil beneath your feet. 

We ask Archangel Michael to wrap his blue energy of protection around our shoulders and place an angel of protection before you, one behind you, one to the left of you, one to the right of you, one above you and one below you. So be it, it is done.

This is a time of great healing of humankind. This visualisation will help the world heal and help humans heal. For great trauma has been caused by the greed that some people are pursuing and the lack of care and nurturing of the planet. 

Now become aware of your surroundings. You are standing in a beautiful meadow. Your Guardian Angel is standing beside you and will make sure that you are completely safe throughout this experience. Around you are the most amazing horses with horns. They are unicorns. There are seven unicorns. Each unicorn has a different coloured horn, each horn is the colour of a chakra, an energy doorway in your body. 

These unicorns work with Archangel Raphael and they are going to work with you today to heal your chakras and empower your chakras so you can go forth into the world and heal the planet. Each one of you undertaking this meditation will be empowered to be a major lightworker – a person that uses their energy to heal the planet and raise the vibrations on Earth, accelerating the rise of a Golden Age on the planet where peace and prosperity exist for all people and where humans look after the planet and all living creatures. 

In front of you is a beautiful angelic being. This is Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael greets you. A warm energy covers you like a gentle net. It makes you feel incredibly safe, loved and protected. Archangel Raphael tells you that his unicorns will each come to you in turn, and touch their horns towards the chakra for which they are responsible to heal and empower.

First the unicorn with the black horn with golden flecks comes and bows its head to the ground. Archangel Raphael describes that this unicorn supports the full potential of the planet. The energy from its horn empowers your earth star chakra that is about 30cm beneath the ground where you stand. Allow the amazing feeling of power and pureness to fill this chakra beneath your feet. Feel your connection to the Earth, feel your ability to help the world be augmented 1000 fold. 

After a few moments the unicorn with the black horn and golden flecks walks back to his position in the circle.

Next the unicorn with the orange gold horn comes towards you and lowers his head towards your root chakra, in the middle of the base of your torso. You feel the healing energy emanating from its horn, it is powerful and loving. You feel your root chakra pulsing with orange gold light and amplifying your support for the world. After some moments this unicorn steps back into the circle and a third unicorn steps forward.

This unicorn has a peach gold horn and tilts its head towards your sacral chakra.  Beautiful energy flows from its horns healing this chakra and amplifying your ability to manifest healing for the planet. With this energy your ability to protect the animal kingdom, the rivers and seas increases 1000 fold.

After some moments this unicorn steps backwards into the circle and a fourth unicorn steps forward. This unicorn has a yellow gold horn. He lowers his head towards your solar plexus chakra and you feel an amazing powerful energy fill your solar plexus. As the energy flows you feel able to confidently take your full position in the world, speaking and taking actions in a way that benefits the world and those around you greatly.

After some moments the unicorn steps back into the circle and a fifth unicorn steps forward. She has a green gold horn and directs the end towards your heart chakra in the center of your chest. You feel loving energy light up the center of your chest and fill your body. You feel connected to each creature and human on the planet, connected with love to the earth, the mountains, the forests, the seas. You are aware that this powerful love energy will heal the world.

This love unicorn steps back into the circle.

A sixth unicorn steps forward. This unicorn has a blue gold horn. He tilts his head directing it towards your throat chakra. You feel the amazing energy of divine communication flow into your throat. You feel you can communicate ably and defend the weak and stand up for justice, making the world a better place. After some moments this unicorn steps back into the circle.

A seventh unicorn with a lavender gold horn steps forward. This is the unicorn of intuition. It tilts its horn towards your third eye chakra in the center of your forehead. You feel a beautiful beam of clear energy fill your head and move out into your aura. You have deep divine knowledge, you feel the wisdom of the universe accessible to you and information is downloaded to you that is wise and powerful. After a few moments this unicorn steps back into the circle.

Now Archangel Raphael steps forward and places his hands above your head covering your Crown Chakra, immediately above your head and your Star chakra 30cm above your head. Beautiful clear white light flows from his hands into your Star and Crown chakras. You feel completely connected with the Divine. This light uplifts you and it will help you in your ascension process. With this light you understand the significance of your role in the world and in the Universe and are able to put that knowledge into action.


Archangel Raphael’s light fills your whole body and aura and leaves you feeling loved, at peace and powerful.

After some moments Archangel Raphael steps back into the circle. Archangel Raphael and his unicorns bid you farewell as they slowly fade away. Your Guardian Angel is still beside you, having watched over you during this beautiful experience in the meadow.

You now gently start to bring your awareness back to the room where you are sitting; empowered, powerful, a vessel of pure love for healing the world.  In your own time roll your shoulders, tilt your head to either side, stretch and when you are ready, open your eyes.