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FULL‌ ‌MOON‌ ‌VISUALISATION‌ ‌-‌ ‌Deepika‌ ‌da‌ ‌Costa‌ ‌

September 2021 – Joy and Happiness


Dear Earth Angels  

I invite you to sit comfortably with your spine straight and the soles of your feet firmly on the ground.

Close your eyes and rest your hands in your lap.

Now, breathe in deeply and feel your lungs expand.

As you exhale feel the tension leaving your body.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly – deeply and evenly releasing all the cares of the day.

With each exhale feel the knots in your shoulders melting away.

We are now going on a journey in search of joy and happiness.

And so, we call on St Germaine to surround each of us with his powerful gold and silver violet ray, to transmute any negativity.

In your mind’s eye picture, yourself standing in the centre of a radiant heart shaped flame.

This flame makes you feel safe, loved and positive.

Together with St Germaine we ask that the angels of protection keep us safe and connected to Mother Earth.

As you stand in the flame feel the magnetic pull of the earth below your feet.

You feel grounded and protected.

As you shift your attention to your surroundings – you find yourself sitting at a desk looking at a beautiful notebook covered in your favourite paper.

It’s early morning, and as you look through the window you see that the leaves are covered in dew and the sun still hiding behind the clouds.

In your hand you have a magical pen and you are making a list of all the things that make you happy.

But apart from a sentence that reads – things that make me happy and fill me with joy – the pages are blank.

All you can think of is how difficult life is and how nothing big and exciting ever happens to fill you with joy and happiness:

  • There’s looming retrenchment
  • A possible back operation on the horizon
  • Your car that’s seen better days
  • You think of the hard work it takes to care for your elderly parents
  • There’s the petrol price increase and a temperamental electricity grid. And so the list continues….

You sigh deeply and close your eyes hoping that things will be better when you open them.

Suddenly you feel a gentle tap on your shoulder.

Surprised you turn around and there in front of you is a woman in a radiant turquoise robe.

Immediately the energy around you changes from one of despair to one of calm and peace.

Who are you and where do you come from, you ask.

The woman smiles. ’’I am Archangel Haniel and I am here to show you all the things that you should be happy about.’’

’’I try to be grateful and happy but I have nothing in life to smile about,’’ you answer.

Archangel Haniel keeps on smiling and says that you have been looking outward for happiness, while it actually comes from inside your heart.

She says you need to consciously open your heart so that you are receptive to all the gifts you are entitled to.

’’Happiness is not always a big event and joy cannot be found in material goods,’’

she says.

So where do I find anything to be happy about. My life is in turmoil, you say.

’’My dear child, happiness is a series of small events and sacred moments that you cannot buy,’’ Archangel Haniel explains.  

Now you are eager for her to explain so that you can prove that she is wrong.

And then she lists a number of things that takes your breath away. She points at the window and says:

  • Look at the change of the seasons which brings forth blossoms in spring and crunchy leaves in autumn.
  • When you peel an orange and the fresh smell of citrus lifts your spirits.
  • Witnessing a child and a dog playing together with no care in the world.
  • That freshly brewed cup of coffee which wakes up your brain before you start a new day.

Archangel Haniel asks if you can think of similar experiences and before you know it you have a long list.

  • You smile and tell her that you feel happy when your cat rubs her soft, luxurious coat against your leg,
  • And then there is the early morning chirping of birds which you hear as you exit the world of dreams

Excitedly you start thinking faster and faster as the happy moments keep rolling off your tongue. You tell her:

  • You feel giddy with joy when a rainbow appears after a cloud burst
  • Joy follows you when you switch off the news and switch on a happy song
  • And happiness is the sound of a baby who has just learnt to laugh

Archangel Haniel nods and says there are hundreds of little moments that will bring you joy but that you must keep your heart open to the experience.

She stretches out her arm and offers you a beautiful pastel blue bracelet.

This is a bracelet made out of Angelite she says. Always keep it with you so that you can forget about the negative and focus on the good.

Archangel Haniel says the conditions for joy and happiness are always with you and that you can tap into it anytime.

Pleased, you slip the bracelet onto your wrist and watch as she fades away.

You now understand that joy is not for the privileged but for all those who dare to find it.

You sit on the chair by the desk and rub the bracelet happy that Archangel Haniel has changed your perspective.

You close your eyes in gratitude and soon you find yourself again surrounded by St Germaine’s gold and silver violet flame of protection, with the grounding magnetic pull of Mother Earth below your soles.

You are filled with joy and you know that how you feel is up to you.

Now keeping your eyes closed, briefly stamp each foot on the floor so that you remain grounded.

Run your thumbs over your fingertips and when you feel ready you may open your eyes.