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Full Moon Visualisation February 2021

Healing the Environment with Archangel Ariel by Lu Whitelaw.

Amazing Being,

Sit comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed, in a safe place where you won’t be disturbed. Light some soft incense and white candles to help raise the vibrations.

Gently close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Visualise strong golden roots growing out from underneath the soles of your feet. See the roots extending down into the earth, through all the beautiful crystal layers of the earth, towards the centre of the earth where the roots wrap themselves around a large black obsidian crystal. This crystal holds the grounding and protective energy of Mother Earth. See this golden protective energy travel back up through the roots, up into your feet, legs, tummy, chest, neck, into your head and out through your crown chakra to form a beautiful golden halo of protective light around you.

Now ask Archangel Michael to place his royal blue cloak of protection over your shoulders and ask him to zip it up from under your feet to under your chin, and ask him to place the hood over your head to protect your crown chakra and your third eye.

Place a pink bubble of protective love around you, to outwardly project love into everything you think, say or do.

Ask your Guardian Angel to wrap his/her soft golden wings around you in a warm, loving, protective embrace and know that you are completely safe through this visualisation.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly. It is a gorgeous warm evening; the full moon is shining brightly above you as you take a slow walk along a winding path of soft green grass that cushions your bare feet as you walk. There are hundreds of fireflies further helping to light the path as you make your way towards the sound of soft gurgling water. As you walk round a corner in the path, you come across a huge beautiful lake that is being fed its water from a gentle side stream. You find a soft grassy patch at the water’s edge where you sit down to appreciate the beauty of nature’s sounds and sights around you. You are completely safe.

As you breathe in the warm beautiful moonlit night, a soft golden light appears over the water’s reflective surface. As you look up you notice the presence of a huge beautiful Angel hovering over the water, who introduces herself as Archangel Ariel. You take a moment to admire the soft golden wings and gentle features of this magnificent Angel.

She tells you that she responsible for protecting and healing nature and that at this point in time, she is very concerned about the state of the environment on Mother Earth. Archangel Ariel and her angelic helpers are deeply saddened to see the state of the oceans and the Earth’s waterways, filled with plastic and debris which are killing the animals and fish that are supposed to be protected and homed in them. She also notes how the wildlife in Africa is being used for purposes that do not resonate with what is for the highest good of Mother Gaia and the other earthly inhabitants. Archangel Ariel asks for your assistance in sending light and healing to all of nature and the environment that is being negatively affected at this point in time.  

She asks you to rub your hands together gently to energise your innate healing abilities and once your hands are warm, to hold your palms facing towards the water. At the same time Archangel Ariel pours beautiful warm golden healing light into the water from where she is floating above it. You become aware of many other Angels now surrounding the water and area where you are sitting, all of whom are directing soft healing energy into the water. The water starts to light up from within, and together with the bright moonlight shining down, its starts to glow with energy that is pure and filled with the ability to heal all the ills that are affecting the environment. Spend a few minutes now allowing as much healing energy as possible to fill this beautiful water.

Archangel Ariel now states that this healing pool of water must be energised as often as possible as she is going to direct the water to flow from this lake back down the stream and to find its way into each and every connected river, stream, ocean and other body of water on Mother Earth. This will bring healing to the waters themselves, the creatures that live in them as well as all the animals that drink from these waters in order to stay nourished and healthy. The clouds will also become infused with this beautiful energy as the waters are drawn up into the heavens, so that when it rains, the healing will be spread to all other parts of the earth where it is needed. Archangel Ariel asks you to regularly come back to this lake in your meditations and to assist her and her nature Angels to keep it infused with healing energy so that it can continue to be spread across Mother Earth.

She now thanks you for your assistance in this very important role and says how much she appreciates your commitment to helping heal the environment, both in your everyday life and in your spiritual work, and that you should help spread this important message whenever you get the opportunity to do so. She blesses you now by enveloping you in a warm golden loving embrace. You thank her for this amazing privilege.

You look up towards the moon in the sky and notice how brightly the stars are now shining, reminding you what an amazing, divine spiritual being you are and how much positive healing you can bring to the environment and people around you. You slowly stand up now and walk back along the grassy path to where your journey began. Your Guardian Angel is still with you and you are warm and safe.

When you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room and gently open your eyes.