The Spiritual Laws of Abundance with Archangel Raphael 2nd June 2019

So many live in poverty consciousness which affects every area of their lives. They will complain about how nothing ever works for them and that they never have enough money, good relationships or robust health not understanding that in actual fact they are in control of this and are actually creating these negative scenarios themselves. It is your natural birth right to flow with abundance which is what Source divined for you yet you are allowing your consciousness and attitude to derail this. At this workshop Margi of Angel Connection will help you to understand the concept of abundance and how to awaken and implement this. She will share her vast experience with you and give you the tools to change yourself and your life and assist you to resolve this. 

This workshop will enable you to live the life you were meant to live as the amazing and special being that you truly are – filled with abundance!  She will also facilitate a powerful visualisation bringing in Archangel Raphael which will assist you to lift your vibration and remove any blockages that are holding you back from living your life the way you were intended to live it! 

At this workshop, you will learn about: 

What is Poverty Consciousness and how does it come about?
The Law of Abundance and Attraction
The importance of balance and the opening of your 3rd eye
Perceptions which create our realities
Useful exercises to awaken our consciousness
Powerful visualisation to shift your vibration

Books, CD’s, Cards and other angelic items will be available. Credit card facilities are also available.

She will once again be collecting for the animals. Food, blankets or monetary donations will be gratefully accepted.