What are Angels?

Angels are high Spiritual Beings that consist of an amazing energy and light and are pure unconditional love.  They are a special gift that we have been given by God to assist, comfort and light up our lives.

So why work with Angels when you can ask God directly? Angels are God’s messengers. When you ask God, He or She instructs the Angels to do what is necessary and if you ask the Angels they ask God’s permission to do what is needed. So it really doesn’t matter who you ask. Just do what you are comfortable doing.

God gave us the gift of free will. Unlike humans, Angels do not have free will. Their will is the Divine will.


Which Angels are available to assist me?

Besides your personal Guardian Angel, there are myriads of different Angels to assist us with every aspect of our lives.

There are Angels of every conceivable quality. Angels of peace, healing, joy, balance, grace, trust, gratitude and anything else that you might need to work with. Because their energies are different they all look different and will work with different colours and light.

When we call upon them directly, they will answer our prayers for help.

The law of the Universe states that no Angel or any other Spiritual Being may help us without being asked. This is because they may not interfere with our free will. The only time they will step in without being asked is if you are in a death situation and it is not your time to cross over yet. Probably because you still have important work to

do on this plane. There are thousands of wonderful stories of people who have been “plucked” out of difficult situations to live another day. These are the Angels at work.

Always remember to say “thank you” when you have asked them to assist with anything.


Angels are happy to assist us with everything, from the most important things happening in our lives to the most mundane everyday things.

These practical Angels will find you parking spaces and turn traffic lights green when you are in a hurry or late. 

They will travel in the car with you when you are alone or nervous and will even assist with cleaning the house! Just ask and you’ll find the work much easier and lighter and done in half the time!

They also love laughter and will always join in with great delight!

Because they are light Beings, they also encourage us to be light.  


Do not get concerned if you are not sure which Angel to ask for assistance. If you put out a call for help, the perfect Angel will be sent to help you with whatever needs to be done.


What is the easiest way to communicate with them?

The easiest way to connect to our Angels is through meditation.   We live very stressful and complicated lives, which makes our auras very turbulent.   So much so, that our Angels are unable to get through our turbulent vibrations to communicate with us.   Just sitting in the traffic to and from work every day, is enough to make us very tense. We need to be centred, calm and serene to be able to talk to them, and just as importantly, to be able to “hear” what they are trying to tell us.

Meditation is not easy to begin with, but the more we do it, the better it gets.   When we meditate, we need to put our ego aside and concentrate on the gaps between the thoughts.   Our egos don’t like being left out and try everything to distract us.

If you are a beginner, buy CD’s with led meditations on and start with those, until you feel more confident.

You can also find yourself a quiet space in your home where you can put a comfortable chair and make yourself a little altar with candles, incense, flowers etc. on it. No one is allowed to sit in that chair if they are angry or have any negativity.   Your mind gets to the stage, that when you sit in that chair, it already starts going into meditation.

Start by breathing in the colour gold.   Gold is very calming, very warming and very safe and the Angels love the colour gold!   Keep breathing it in, feel it going all the way down to your toes until you feel completely warm, safe and relaxed.  Then imagine yourself in a gold cocoon and ask your Angel to step into your aura.   You can now ask whatever questions you need to ask and just as importantly, you can hear what your Angel has to say.