APRIL 2017

Cry our Beloved South Africa

As our beautiful country reels and weeps over the political fax paus, arrogance and shenanigans of the past weeks and years for many it becomes extremely difficult to remain positive and to hold the light.

It is so easy to become drawn into all the negativity that we hear and see all around us yet what we need to remember is that when we do allow ourselves to be sucked into it we just feed the negative cycle that has been created and so instead of alleviating the situation we actually make it so much worse!

So many have such good intentions and want justice and integrity to be brought back but we need to be extremely careful of what we are putting out into the Universe as it will be created in the way that it is thought of, said and done. There is nothing wrong in showing solidarity as long as we don’t make it a negative.

The collective consciousness is so powerful and if we can stand together as one and ask the Angels and the Beings of Light to assist us in creating justice, peace and accountability in a positive way, then we can change the destruction of what is happening.

Fear is the most destructive and debilitating of all the emotions so do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by this. Anger and Fear are very good bedfellows. You seldom find one without the other. Anger brings in a very negative energy and with fear can destroy who and what you are. Fear and Love are the only two emotions that are of any significance. If you live in fear you cannot love but if you live in love there is no fear. So let’s choose to live in love which surpasses everything and walk in the footsteps of all the great Masters whose teachings were all love!  

We need to remember that the dark can never overpower the light and so if each and every one of us puts our country and its entire people in light there is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

The importance of Africa in the greater scheme of things cannot be ignored. We know that until Africa is healed and working in the light the rest of the world cannot be healed properly which will prevent Planet Earth from going into Ascension. We need to remember the words of the highly Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bey on Africa – “The rubbish is being brought to the surface to be got rid of so that the new can come in. Africa will lead the way! ”.

We also need to be praying and asking the Angels for assistance remembering that unless we ask they are unable to help. “Thank you that peace and harmony reigns in our beautiful South Africa and that we have just and honourable leaders who work with integrity and without ego and take responsibility for their actions.”

Each and every one of us needs to ensure that we are working in love, light and integrity because if we are unable to do that in our personal lives we have no right to expect anyone else to do it.

Men and women of integrity always take responsibility for themselves and their actions and then do what is for the highest good of all instead of feeding their egos!

I have had many requests and so have included the Prayer for Africa that was channelled through by Lord Serapis Bey and ask you to join us in saying this prayer as often as you can. Together we can and will make a difference!


(Channelled by Lord Serapis Bey through Margi McAlpine, (Angel Connection)

I feel my feet firmly on the ground.

I see beautiful golden roots growing out of the soles of my feet anchoring and grounding me to the wonderful energies of the African soil.

I ask Archangels Michael and Metatron to place their protective cloaks around me and the Continent of Africa.

I call in all the Beings of Light who are working with me and through me to clear and heal the Continent of Africa, especially Archangel Metatron and Lord Serapis Bey.

I visualise myself facing North.

I give thanks that the prayers and light I send will move upwards reaching the next light worker like a bridge.

In this way the whole of the African Continent will be lit up with amazing bridges of light.

I see the ancient Ley Lines under the earth.

Once they carried light and energy, now they are filled with darkness and fear.

I send light into each and every one of them pushing out the darkness.

I thank the Angels and Beings of Light for bringing in the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame to assist with this. These important lines are now energised and full of light. (take your time to see them being cleared and lit up)

I concentrate my energies on the grids in the etheric around the Continent.

Once bearers of light, these grids now hold the fear of Africa around the Continent like a vice.

I thank the Angels and Beings of Light as they bring in the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame to clear the debris by filling them with light and love.

The grids are once more Beacons of Light holding the Continent in unconditional love. (take your time to see them being cleared and lit up)

I call on the Mighty Archangel Metatron, the Archangel of Africa to enlighten and awaken the Continent enabling healing to take place and the ancient wisdom and teachings to be returned.

Thank you for the healing of all her people, especially the children and elderly and those who have been traumatised by violence, war, poverty and disease.

Thank you for the healing of Nature, including all the animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, the land, the waters, plants and trees.

Thank you that Africa is flourishing under just leaders who work with integrity.

I give thanks for being an African either by birth or circumstance because Africa is the Cradle of Mankind and will lead the way into the light and I am privileged to be a part of this movement.

I put the whole of the African Continent in a beautiful white bubble of protective light and unconditional love and entrust it to Archangel Metatron.

“I give thanks today

For my journey forward

To stand in my Highest Power

                            To be of Divine Service “ (Reshmi Singh)



I am extremely excited to announce that for the first time there will be a Body, Mind and Soul Connection week that will be included in the renowned Oyster Festival here in Knysna! The week will run from Monday 10th July and end on Friday 14th July which is between the weekends of running and cycling. I am including very well-known speakers and facilitators from around the country as well as overseas who will also be available for some private one on one sessions. I know that many of you come down this way to participate so please put it in your diary. This is going to be a very special week and not to be missed. More information on speakers etc to go out soon!  

I have a great variety of wonderful books, CD’s, cards, incense and other Angelic items for sale which also make wonderfully different gifts. It is now so easy to order directly from the website. You just need to go onto my website  and go into the shop and order. My CD’s (besides the Chakra CD) have been marked down from R100 to R90 each and the music CD’s from R95 to R85 which makes them really affordable!  To enhance your own self- development, decide on which one is pertinent to you at this moment in time. It is important that we are continually growing and Spiritual books, cards and CD’s assist with this. You are now able to download the CD’s from a link on the website so you can have them on your phone or IPad. So give the gift that continues to give long after the wrapping paper has been discarded!

Facebook is a wonderful way of connecting to other like minded people! Every day I do an Angel Reading which is posted on the Angel Connection page. From the feedback I receive, so many find this a positive asset to their day and can’t wait to receive them every morning. If you are not yet connected to me and would like to be part of this please send me a friend request under Margi McAlpine and I will then invite you to the page. I have made so many new and wonderful friends via this page and always so exciting to meet them face to face at workshops! I am also tweeting on Twitter and have just joined Instagram so please connect to me on these as well for positive and motivational messages.

Angel Readings or Spiritual Counselling is a good way of seeing where you are, what you should be doing and how to change things in your life.  If you are confused and need clarity and guidance as you stand at the crossroads unsure of which way to turn, an Angel Reading either face to face, via Skype, telephone or cell phone would greatly assist you. This is also a wonderful gift and I have gift vouchers for this as well!  Please call me on 082-563-7422 to make an appointment or on There are a limited amount of slots available so please make your booking soon so that you are not disappointed. I also offer Past Life Regression, Reiki and Egyptian Healing using beautiful oils from Egypt and working with the energy of the Ancient Egyptian Healer. Obviously, this can only be done face to face!

If you are coming down to our beautiful part of the world here in the Garden Route and would like an appointment, please try and contact me as early as you possibly can as I fill up very quickly and hate to disappoint because I am fully booked. Always wonderful to make contact with those who are visiting!

Thank you for all the love and support that I am so blessed to be showered with and for being such an important part of my life. May the Angels love, protect and guide you and enfold you in their soft wings of comfort today and always!

Angel light and blessings





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