As the end of another year approaches most of us are still trying to catch our breath as we wonder at the rate this year has passed! Every year seems to fly past with more speed than the last one making us realise how fast time is passing and how little time we have to achieve what our actual Soul purpose in this life time is!
As we look back and assess the past months for many of us they will have been filled with daunting challenges and issues that we probably never anticipated and would really rather not have had to deal with. For many there would have been ups and downs and perhaps you often felt like you were sitting on a roller coaster and hanging on for dear life as it took you to extremes of joy and fear!
Often challenges are also gifts that you are given as the lessons and growth that occurs with having to deal with issues is enormous and allows you to grow and do your own self-development. This would not have happened if you had not gone through the difficult times. It is therefore appropriate that you give thanks for the hard times and lessons as well. It also indicates a level of understanding and trust that you know you will always be looked after no matter how difficult times are.
Gratitude occurs when you are able to appreciate and give thanks for everything that you have been given so abundantly in your life whether they are positive or negative.
Life is often so busy and hectic that you miss many of the gifts that the Universe bestows on you. It is very easy to just not see or acknowledge what you have received because you are so busy or hectically trying to cope with what is happening in your world.
You need to give thanks for everything no matter how small or large. Often the small things are overlooked as many wait for things that are of huge significance before they even think about giving thanks.
The more you are able to be grateful the more you open yourself up to abundance and blessings in your life which are also known as grace.
Be generous in sharing your blessings and grace with others. When your hands are open to give they are open to receive.
Show gratitude and thanks for everything and everyone in your life which will allow you to live in a state of grace which allows you to be showered with blessings by the Universe in a never ending cycle of abundance.
Now before we start a new cycle and hopefully a new beginning with the start of a New Year it is time to look back and show gratitude not only for all the wonderful blessings we have received but also for all the amazing lessons we learnt with the challenges we faced.
I look back with gratitude and wonder at the abundance and the lessons that have occurred during the past twelve months and feel so blessed, honoured and loved!

I was so blessed to once again be able to travel around our beautiful country facilitating workshops and meeting and working with the most amazing beings. I am always humbled by the privilege of being able to work with so many of you. Thank you!
I would like to thank my helpers who so willingly assist at my workshops. You always help with big smiles and open hearts! Without you I cannot do the work I do.
To the enthusiastic and motivated teachers of the Angel Connection School I say thank you. It is always a pleasure and an honour to work with you and I look forward to our next phase of work together.

The next Teacher Training course is from 3rd to 16th March 2017 at The Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield, Rheenendal (near Knysna).
This course emphasises your own self-development which is so very important. I take pride in inviting you into our sacred and very special space where you will be nurtured and supported whilst you grow and learn. I am an extremely experienced teacher and I will share my vast knowledge and wisdom with you whilst giving you the tools to change your life! This beautiful country venue offers a special and safe place to focus your attention and listen to the longing of your own soul allowing you to grow and do your own self-development. This experience is unique and a special gift that you give yourself whilst you are preparing to go out and spread the light.
Are you ready to change your life forever and in the process assist others by enlightening and empowering them? Do you feel that this is your Divine Life Path, helping to spread the light to others and accelerating your own personal growth? If this is the case then this life changing Teacher Training course is for you!
This course is for those that are passionate, motivated and committed to working with the Angels and Ascension and wanting to pass their knowledge and passion onto others so that they too are empowered and enlightened. You do not have to be very experienced in your Spiritual abilities, but must be working from the heart with enthusiasm and integrity. Academic qualifications are not important. Your own personal self-development and the desire and passion to pass this onto others, is what counts.
Please contact me on or 082-563-7422 for more information.

This is such a great way to start the New Year! I am delighted that I will be back in Johannesburg on 4th and 5th February 2017 at Shanti Sanctuary in Bedforview facilitating the workshop “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”. So many go through life thinking that they are not good enough or being conditioned by others to believe that they do not have any self-worth. This has a negative impact on every area of their lives and never allows them to actually reach their full potential which is so sad! At this workshop I will help you to deal with these issues with understanding and unconditional love. I will share my vast experience with you and give you the tools to change yourself and your life and assist you to resolve this. This workshop will enable you to understand who you are and how amazing and special you truly are! I will also facilitate a powerful visualisation bringing in Archangel Michael which will assist you to lift your vibration and remove any blockages that are holding you back. Because of the smaller venue there will be two sessions – either on Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm or on Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm.
I have already received numerous bookings so please contact me soon if you would like to join us! Not to be missed!

I will be facilitating “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” at Erin Hall in Cape Town on the 19th February 2017 from 10am to 1pm. Information has already gone out but if you have not received it and would like to join us please contact me on or 082-563-7422
I am hoping to be in Durban on 25th March 2017 but am just waiting to secure the venue. Info to go out soon!

I love the ongoing workshops in Knysna and George and love the wonderful people who attend! We will recommence in Knysna on Tuesday 17th January 2017. There will be a workshop from 9.30am to 11.30am and then at 11.45 am we will commence with the Mediumship Course. This course is very special and will certainly kick start and enhance your own self development. The other ongoing workshops will also continue as usual. Please contact me for details.

This course has proved so popular and beneficial and the feedback from those that have attended it has been amazing and positive! I have already had numerous requests to repeat it again this year and to in fact add Part 3 to it which I have done! If you do not want to do Teacher Training but would still like to achieve your own self-development I will be facilitating a special Women’s Retreat from 25th to 28th May 2017 and Part 2 of the Women’s Retreat from the 1st to 4th June and then Part 3 from 5th to the 9th August 2017 at the Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield in Knysna. This is the most fabulous gift to give to the woman in your life for Mothers Day ! The perfect way for all women to have some “me “time and spoiling in 2016!!
This will be a weekend of healing, strengthening, pampering, nurturing and unconditional love especially for women. So many women always do this for others but never for themselves!
Each course is a standalone module so you can do whichever one suits you! I have already received a number of bookings and queries so please do not delay in reserving your space as numbers are limited! Please contact me on or 082-563-7422 for more info.

There will also be an Angel Self Development Course Part 1 from 25th to 28th May and Part 2 from 7th to 10th September 2017. Once again I have been asked to add in Part 2 as those attending it wish to continue with their self-development! This very special course enables you to grow and develop in a safe environment with experienced support and nurturing. Numbers are limited and details will go out shortly. This will be facilitated in the very special and sacred space of The Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield in Knysna. This course is for those who do not wish to do teacher training but would like to enhance their own Spiritual growth and development. It will also include quiet time for introspection, transmutation and releasing.

Hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner and most of us still have our Christmas shopping to do!
I have a great variety of wonderful books, CD’s, cards, incense and other Angelic items for sale which make wonderfully different gifts. It is now so easy to order directly from the website. You just need to go onto my website and go into the shop and order. You can also click on this link to see the whole catalogue. Give it a moment to load and then you can page through it!
My new CD’s have been very popular and are selling really well. To enhance your own self- development, decide on which one is pertinent to you at this moment in time. It is important that we are continually growing and Spiritual books, cards and CD’s assist with this. You are now able to download the CD’s from a link on the website so you can have them on your phone or IPad. So give the gift that continues to give long after the wrapping paper has been discarded!

Angel Readings or Spiritual Counselling is a good way of seeing where you are, what you should be doing and how to change things in your life. If you are confused and need clarity and guidance as you stand at the crossroads unsure of which way to turn, an Angel Reading either face to face, via Skype, telephone or cell phone would greatly assist you. This is also a wonderful gift and I have gift vouchers for this as well! Please call me on 082-563-7422 to make an appointment or on There are a limited amount of slots available so please make your booking soon so that you are not disappointed. I also offer Past Life Regression, Reiki and Egyptian Healing using beautiful oils from Egypt and working with the energy of the Ancient Egyptian Healer. Obviously this can only be done face to face!
If you are coming down to our beautiful part of the world here in the Garden Route and would like an appointment, please try and contact me as early as you possibly can as I fill up very quickly and hate to disappoint because I am fully booked. Always wonderful to make contact with those who are visiting!

Facebook is a wonderful way of connecting to other likeminded people! Every day I do an Angel Reading which is posted on the Angel Connection page. From the feedback I receive, so many find this a positive asset to their day and can’t wait to receive them every morning. If you are not yet connected to me and would like to be part of this please send me a friend request under Margi McAlpine and I will then invite you to the page. I have made so many new and wonderful friends via this page and always so exciting to meet them face to face at workshops! I am also tweeting on Twitter and have just joined Instagram so please connect to me on these as well for positive and motivational messages.

I would like to wish you and yours a very special and blessed time with family and friends over this holiday period. Appreciate and give gratitude for every day for each day is special. Enjoy spending time with the elderly, children and pets that perhaps you were too busy to be able to do during the year. If you are travelling please travel safely with the Angels. Allow your heart to sing and dance as though no one is watching you! Allow yourself plenty of rest and nurturing so that you are energised for the New Year that lies ahead!
I am taking a rest from 22nd December till early January when I will start again with renewed energy and zest!
I look forward to connecting to each and every one of you in 2017!

Thank you for all the love and support that I am so blessed to be showered with and for being such an important part of my life. May the Angels love, protect and guide you and enfold you in their soft wings of comfort today and always!

Angel light and blessings