Healing bowl in the Etheric

I get numerous requests for healing and in order to help as many people as possible, I requested the Angels help and was given a beautiful gold healing bowl in the etheric.

Everyone who gets a request for healing or has a loved one that needs healing will visualise the name of that particular person, being put into the healing bowl.

Anyone can put a name into the healing bowl at any time. Animals, places and areas can also be included.

I have put together a short prayer that can be said while this is being done or even once a week.

The more often we say the prayer the more powerful the energy in the bowl becomes and the more people, animals, places etc will receive healing.

While we say the prayer, visualise the golden bowl being energized.

In this way every name in the healing bowl is being sent healing, whether we know them or not.

This can also be done in groups, for example if you have a weekly workshop, as it is always more powerful to work together.

Once the person who’s name is in the golden bowl has been healed or crosses over, the Angels remove the name from the bowl.

Prayer for healing in the Etheric

We invoke the mighty Archangel Raphael to take the names from the healing bowl in the Etheric and to send them the healing that is for their Highest Good.  We visualise each and every person, animal or place, bathed in a beautiful cocoon of green healing light.

We thank the angels for filling them with strength, courage and peace. We know that we cannot go against the dictates of the soul and ask that if it is not appropriate for them to be healed, that they are free of pain and indignities.

So be it. It is done. Amen.