Frequently Asked Questions

How can we use Angels in our everyday lives?

Angels are simple to work with.   There is nothing complicated about using them in our lives everyday.   Each and every one of us is able to connect to the Angels, no matter what our age, colour or creed.   As long as we are working with and from integrity, and with a purity of heart, they will make our lives and the lives of those around us rich in love and abundance.

The law of the Universe states, that Angels may not help us unless we ask.   We need to ask with gratitude and in a positive way.   If it is for our highest good and the highest good of those around us, we will be helped.   There is no limit to the number of times that we can ask for help, and we can ask for the most mundane to the most complicated things.   The only time an Angel will step in without being asked, is if we are in a death situation, and it is not our chosen time to die.Archangel Michael

I run workshops on a regular basis, all over the country, where I teach people to connect to and use their angels.  It is so gratifying to see how they grow spiritually, by incorporating the Angels into everything they do.

What is the easiest way to communicate with our Angels?

The easiest way to connect to our Angels is through meditation.   We live very stressful and complicated lives, which makes our auras very turbulent.   So much so, that our Angels are unable to get through our turbulent vibrations to communicate with us.   Just sitting in the traffic to and from work every day, is enough to make us very tense. We need to be centered, calm and serene to be able to talk to them, and just as importantly, to be able to “hear” what they are trying to tell us.

Meditation is not easy to begin with, but the more we do it, the better it gets.   When we meditate, we need to put our ego aside and concentrate on the gaps between the thoughts.   Our egos don’t like being left out, and try everything to distract us.

If you are a beginner, buy CD’s with led meditations on and start with those, until you feel more confident.

You can also find yourself a quiet space in your home where you can put a comfortable chair and make yourself a little altar with candles, incense, flowers etc. on it. No one is allowed to sit in that chair if they are angry or have any negativity.   Your mind gets to the stage, that when you sit in that chair, it already starts going into meditation.

Start by breathing in the colour gold.   Gold is very calming, very warming and very safe and the Angels love the colour gold!   Keep breathing it in, feel it going all the way down to your toes, until you feel completely warm, safe and relaxed.  Then imagine yourself in a gold cocoon and ask your Angel to step into your aura.   You can now ask whatever questions you need to ask and just as importantly, you can hear what your Angel has to say.

What is meant by living in the light?I am Light

As we become connected to our spirituality, we start to live in the light.   Imagine a candle burning in the darkness.   That little light can be seen from a great distance.   So, the brighter our light shines, the more it attracts the darkness.   The darkness allows us to see the light.   If there was only light, we wouldn’t be able to see the candle burning.   We need the contrast to see the light, but that doesn’t mean we have to have the darkness in our space.   Spiritual knowledge, allows us to be in the light.   Being in the darkness, literally means having no knowledge.

We should be doing grounding and protection every day, morning and evening.
We also need to be reading, studying and researching to improve our knowledge.   In that way, we continue to grow.

How important is Africa in this Spiritual awakening?

Africa is a very special place to be living in right now.Logo single   As light workers, we have chosen to incarnate here at this specific time, because there is so much work to be done.

Africa needs healing and we need to take the light from the Southern most tip, right up to the Northern tip.

To do this, we need teachers who will help awaken the light in others.   I am the Principal and Master Teacher Trainer for The Angel Connection School in Africa.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, click here for further information.