About The School

The School was brought into existence on the insistence of the Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bey, who is the Master of Egypt and Ascension. He, along with Archangel Metatron, is over-lighting the work that needs to be done in Africa. Archangel Metatron is also stepping in as the Archangel of Africa.

t is very important that this Continent has an Archangel working with and assisting it. We are very blessed that such a powerful Being has taken Africa under his wing. 

The mission statement given to us by these two Amazing Beings is:-

“To Light up the whole of Africa so the Africa can Light up the World”

We are being told that Africans of all colours and creeds, need to awaken and heal Africa. We cannot expect those who have no connection to or understanding of Africa to solve the problems that belong to Africa.

Thousands of light workers are either being drawn to this Continent or awakening to the importance of the work that now needs to be done in Africa. This is a very exciting time and we are blessed to be allowed to work here at this moment in time.

The School consists of passionate, motivated, committed teachers who are all working together without ego to move this new energy forward. Should you be interested in joining us as a teacher and leader, or whether you would just like to be involved in the healing of Africa by saying the Prayer or attending workshops, or looking for a private consultation, we thank you for your interest.  If you would like to locate a teacher in your area, please the button below.

New Angel Connection Schools are due to open in other places around the globe soon. They will be affiliated to the School in Africa. Although the basic Connection Modules will stay the same,  new courses that are pertinent to their areas will be introduced.




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